Michael Choong is a passionate, self-taught landscape photographer focused on nature and night photography. 

Born in Malaysia, worked in London, England and Michael now lives in Singapore City. He travelled to many countries around the world for work, leisure and photography. He often travels to Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand and he is leading over 20 photo expeditions and numerous outings throughout the region each year. Michael loves exploring the known and unknown locations and creating something beautiful, meaningful and sharing that experience with passionate photographers and his fellow friends.

Michael photographed many things in the beginning, from street to products but he was always drawn back to natural spaces. He captures moments of wonder and serenity and everything about landscape photography rejuvenates his soul.

According to Michael, “There is nothing like the dancing aurora in the night, the brilliance of the milky-way skies filled with stars, being the first person to greet the morning first light and the last person to see the sun goes down”.

Michael’s photography philosophy is simple. He believes in ‘less is more’ and ‘we only have one chance to get it right’!


Image by: Howard Ho