It’s like being in an episode of Game of Thrones. The Faroe Islands has a magnetic attraction for landscape photographers, and for a good reason. Battered by the elements, towering cliffs rise from the deep sea. Huge waves are constantly pounding the shoreline, creating amazing formations. Isolated in the Atlantic Ocean, halfway between Norway and Iceland, National Geographic named the Faroe Islands the most authentic and unspoiled group of islands in the world. This comes as no surprise to us.



Dynamic, constantly changing light and weather makes these islands magical for photography. We can experience 4 seasons in an hour. One moment it might be raining, the next we have warm sunshine on our faces. Turn around and it might be snowing or hailing.  It’s fascinating and beautiful. In late July the Faroe Islands is stunningly green and fresh. Puffins can be found and the temperature makes it a really comfortable time to visit this magical place.

Day 4 – 8: Vagar – adventure continues

On day 4 we check out from Gjaargardur and drive south towards Hotel Vagar. This nice hotel is located at the airport. This is convenient for several reasons. Most importantly we are located in the middle of a long list of epic locations; Leitisvatn, Gasadalur, Tindholmur, Bøur and Sornfell Mountain. We continue to be flexible and move around according to the conditions. These spots are simply incredible and have to be seen in person! On the final day we have breakfast at the hotel and say goodbye. The hotel is located at the airport so we can walk to the airport.

Difficulty Level

Easy, mostly no long hiking, except a few optional locations

Group Size

Maximum 12 people


US$1000 Deposit

Full Payment

120 days prior to the workshop starting date.
Double Room: US$4799
Single Room: US$5699


  • 3 professional photo guides
  • All in-tour transportation
  • Accommodation in hotel
  • Boat ticket
  • Breakfast
  • Outdoor photography instruction
  • Landscape photography masterclass
  • Post-processing masterclass


  • International flights
  • Travel insurance, visa
  • Lunch, dinner, alcohol, snacks and beverages

Dr. Kah-Wai LIN

Dr. Kah-Wai Lin has been leading and organizing over hundreds of photo workshops/tours since 2016. All the workshops/tours have commercial permits by Dr. Lin or the local agents.