New to DSLR cameras? Learn fundamentals for your best photos yet!

This introductory photography workshop is a smart, inspiring way to get up to speed quickly. Taught by photographer Michael Choong, you’ll learn how to manually balance shutter speed, aperture, and ISO to achieve perfect exposure, every time — and then hit the streets to see it all in action.

Easy-to-follow lessons include how to:

Balance shutter speed, aperture, and ISO for perfect exposure (and conquer fear of “manual” mode)

Freeze and blur motion via shutter speed

Control background blur via aperture

Edit your photos in 5 minutes or less

Plus, you’ll also learn Michael’s go-to camera settings, must-have gear, and recommendations on a budget. By the end, you’ll know how to master your settings, shoot in manual mode for total control, and create the pro-level photos you’ve always imagined.

About This Workshop

About This Workshop

It seems like everyone has a DSLR these days but relatively few people take great photographs. You don’t need a good camera to take awesome photos. A good photographer can make amazing images with any camera or even just a phone. 

It’s all about seeing the image and great composition. In this workshop you are going to learn about  many of the tools of composition, what composition actually is, different techniques to create great photos, and how to avoid common aesthetic pitfalls.

Are you planning a trip and want to come back with some amazing photos of the places you explore? Travel photographer, Michael, breaks down the two most important elements to master when taking photos…Light and Composition.

No matter what kind of camera you use, these techniques will drastically improve your travel photos.

In this workshop, you will discover how to improve your travel photos dramatically by uncovering how to easily use light and composition to make your photos stand out from the snapshots.

Taking great landscape photographs takes a certain level of natural ability, but that isn’t enough. Landscape photography, like anything, is a skill. It’s an art. With enough repetition and dedication, anyone can create images that take the viewer’s breath away. That is a fact.

In this lesson, Michael focus on Composition. As an educator, this is the one topic most photographers struggle with in the Art of Landscape Photography. Michael also cover the best times to shoot, cityscape photography, waves and reflections.

    • You will learn how to visualize the photo before you take it. 
    • You will learn through repetition and practice. 
    • You will learn how to see the world differently following the thought process professionals take to create stunning images. 
    • People will start to recognize your photos for their signature look… That ‘special something’ that people can’t describe. Love, it is love.

Who is this Workshop for?

This workshop is for anyone who wants to improve their photography techniques to produce better images without complicated jargon. Beginners, novice, and intermediate photographers will learn new skills and improve their photos through simple explanations and photo examples. You do not need to have a fancy camera to put these techniques into action, these skills will improve your photography regardless of the camera you use.

Whether you’re a first-time photographer with an iPhone or an experienced DSLR shooter looking to develop your signature style, Michael’s approach will open the door to a whole new world. Follow along and in few weeks you’ll hone your eye, unlock your imagination, and learn how to tell a story in every image!