8 Tips Shooting in the Cold

Recently, I received numerous questions regarding photography in the extreme cold weather conditions such as the Artic Circle. So I thought it would be helpful if I could list down few tips for you guys if you’re considering shooting in the Cold.


When shooting in below-freezing weather, it is critical to have a fully charged set of batteries, since the cold temperatures can quickly drain them. Should your battery discharge too early, you can extend its life by placing it in a warm pocket, close to your body, to warm it up. Remember to always bring along few batteries.
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it’s important not to change your lenses outdoors. You never want to get moisture or condensation inside the camera body.
Be careful bringing your camera inside a warm house or cabin from the cold outdoors. Put your cameras and lenses back into your camera bag and seal them up before you bring them indoors. Once inside, place them in the coldest area you can find so they slowly warm up to the new temperature.
Snow is wet, always shoot with rain covers to prevent the bodies and lenses from getting damp. Even the pro cameras, which are sturdier, need protection.
Keeping your hands and feet warm. Use high quality heat packs to stay warm in between shots. You want to be sure you always have access to your camera controls and dials.
Bring a good fiber cloths with you. Who knows when you might want to clean your filter or front element that has become moist from going in and out of cold temperatures.
Get a weatherproof container to store your sdcards. The last thing you want to do is lose or drop your valuable photos in the snow.