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04 July – 09 July 2024 

(Green Season)

In this 6D5N photography expedition workshop, we are excited to show you the best of Sumba, also known as the Eastern Lesser Sunda Islands; is home to one of the most interesting tribal societies of the Nusa Tenggara Timur, the archipelago of the eastern islands, which revolves around the cult of the marupu (generic term to define all spiritual forces, deities, spirits and ancestors). Sumba, from the morphological point of view, looks very different from the volcanic islands located further north, with a landscape characterized by the presence of low limestone hills, rice fields and fields of corn and cassava. 

Sumba Island is a bit challenging to get to, but once you are there, everything will feel worth it. This mostly savanna-covered land will make it easier for photographers to enjoy the view of the ocean from every direction.

The must-shoot locations e.g. Walakiri Beach, Praijing Megalithic Village, WatuParunu beach, Puru Kambera Savanna, Tenggedu Waterfall and many more bringing you to places that only hardcore photographers go; capturing scenes that make up the best of Sumba.