Unveiling the Enchanting Wonders of Flores & Komodo Islands

Nestled within the vast Indonesian archipelago lies a realm of unspoiled beauty and ancient mysteries – Flores and the Komodo Islands. This remote paradise, a haven for adventurers and nature enthusiasts alike, beckons you with its raw, untamed allure.

Flores, aptly named for its flourishing array of vibrant flora, is a land where time seems to have stood still. Its emerald-green rice terraces cascade down rugged mountainsides, creating a breathtaking mosaic of nature’s splendor. As the sun rises over Kelimutu’s tri-colored lakes, you’ll witness hues that defy imagination, casting a spell that lingers in your heart.


Day 5: Labuan Bajo, Kelor, Kalong

Upon arrival at Labuan Bajo,  we will be transferred to our boat and sail to Kelor island. Kelor is a small island located in front of the beautiful hills of Flores. It is one of the must do in the Komodo National Park as the view from the top of the island is simply breathtaking. A short hike of 15 minutes will lead us to the top where there is a panoramic view of Flores, Rinca Island and many other small islands – The perfect spot to take landscape pictures and selfies. Please get your swimsuits ready!

We can spend some time in the water refreshing ourselves.


Thousands of Bats

Our sunset will be at Kalong Island – while watching the sunset view with thousands of bats on this island. Avoid any flash photography of the bats, who are extremely sensitive to light.

Intensive photography training in the classroom (25%) and on location (75%)